Thursday, October 13, 2005

Definition of 'cyborgenetic'

In writing my dissertation, I needed a new adj form of cyborg for discussing the background philosophies leading to ObjectRhetoric. I googled 'cyborgenetic' (the logical choice of a compound word) and found 30 uses but no definitions. Uses seem similar to mine, so here is the first official definition:

cyborgenetic (adj) si'bor'ja'net'ik

1. originating from a blending together of the organic and mechanical

Conflation of cyborg + genetic in order to get an adjective form for use in my dissertation.

Isn't it strange how the definition should not be "organic and mechanic"? But "mechanic" refers to a thing (n) and "mechanical" is the proper adj form. I guess English is not ideally suited to additive composition of words.


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